There is actually something like too much PDA. Vera Sidika and Otile Brown have inundated us with their public display of affection that borders on a PG rated sex tape.

In a recent flurry of videos, a half naked Otile is serenading Vera with some of his new and unreleased songs.

From the look of things, Vera is housing Otile in her palatial palace which she refers to as her queendom.

Vera and Otile has stuck to the narrative that they are just BFFs.

On Sunday, Vera deleted a damning Instastory picturing her in bed with Otile without an inch of make up on. Looking all coy and issh.

However, a few minutes after uploading the videos, the socialite deleted the video.

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Check out how the morning after was:

Vera Sidika Otile Brown

Vera Sidika Otile Brown

This is not the first time the couple have been spotted at Vera’s queendom after a night of hot and heavy lovemaking.

The photo below shows Otile chilling a morning after in one of Vera’s balcony’s with her pink MacBook Pro on his lap, looking all loved up.

Notice the bed throw covering his wide muscled shoulders.

Could all his be for publicity?

After all, Vera is planning to open her new beauty business soon and Otile is hell bent on promoting his career and hit single, Chaguo La Moyo featuring Sanaipei Tande.

Vera and Otile also raised eyebrows in a recent video where Otile was dry humping the socialite on her expensive couch.

The singer has been visiting Vera or maybe he has just moved into her mansion, and they have not shied from showing us how they spend their time with each other.

Check out the video below…

Otile Brown and Vera dry hump shamelessly

Otile Brown and Vera dry hump shamelessly

Posted by Mpasho News on Friday, April 20, 2018

So, from the PDA they’ve been showing on Insta. Is it true Vera Sidika ‘Ni mali yake’ or nah? Is he hitting it?

Well, the singer has responded by saying the two are simply BFFs. Y’all know what that means. Even akina Bahati started as ‘Prayer Partners’ look where they are now.

“She is my BFF. My best friend. She has been my friend for so long. Being that we are both from coast.  Tumekua tukizungumza mara nyingi. Saa hii yupo around so we hang out around a lot” Otile Told JOey Muthengi on 10 over 10.

Vera and Otile

Anyhow, if it is love, then it is strong enough to make Vera relax when it comes to posting revealing photos and videos of herself.

But this love is strong because the socialite posted photos of herself without make up.

No make up! Vera Sidika unmasked after a night of sensual lovemaking with Otile Brown (Video)

Check out the video below, of Vera Sidika without an inch of make up on.

Many a gossip peddlers, have claimed that Vera may be sooooo besotted by Otile because in the past she said she would never date a broke dude.

If I’m paying for my flight is cause I wanna take myself on vacation somewhere nice treat myself not paying to go see a man. Sorry unless it’s my Dad, brother or future son—that I will hire private jet to go see him #Blood.”

This is not the case from what we are seeing, on Saturday, the couple was spotted up and about, painting the town red.

Otile even had the pleasure of driving Vera Sidika’s Range Rover.

Vera posted on her social networks,

“It is great being driven around.”

The couple then went for an all-you-can eat exotic game meat dinner at the Carnivore.

Then retired to Vera’s abode for the night.

Question, is Vera footing all the costs?

Otile, in a brazen social media post told his detractors that he is living his life. So y’all should get one as well, and leave him the hell alone.

“Huku mambo ni hivi, jifanye tuu hapo ati unajua sana. Unataka kupangia watu maisha.”

The star who was rumored to have wed Sanaipei to promote their new single, Chaguo Langu, dropped her like hot iron, for Vera Sidika.

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Otile defended his reasons to a fan by saying,

“Na kama hizi ndo raha basi wacha pia nizile mwenyewe. Ila niombee shehe napotea.”

Meanwhile, Otile Brown has responded about his ‘love affair’ with socialite, Vera Sidika. After all, isn’t the proof in ‘eating’ the pudding?

“I still receive inboxes & calls concerning the wedding rumours, because some people fell for it.
I would like to let some of you know that sanaipei tande and I are just friends. We didn’t get married, that was just
a wedding set up for our Song #chaguolamoyo. There’s nothing between us, we just play too much. Wikendi njema” Otile shouted.

Otile Brown and Sanaipei Tande
Otile Brown and Sanaipei Tande

This explanation came after the video of Otile’s soft and intimate kisses on Vera’s person went viral and fans were asking, ‘Alar? kwani umedump bibi yako, Sanaipei?’

Check out the video below.

Vera Sidika come see this! Man who changed his appearance regrets what he did (Photos)

In another video, Otile can be seen fondling Sidika’s right boob and when asked by the socialite “Baby are you sleepy?” he moans a clear suggestion that he is enjoying touching Vera’s plastic mammary glands.

The PDA doesn’t end there, in yet another video, Otile is filmed dancing sexy all alone then he moves towards the edge of the camera frame and grabs someone.

Lo! And behold, it is Vera Sidika holding a whisky glass. Otile grabs her intimately on her waist and starts sexy dancing on her like a male stripper would, then ousts her off her feet and pulls her onto his waist.

That lad has a strong back.

He then puts her down and she drops into a sexy bundle on the sofa before he leans down to her level and proceeds to dry hump her.

Watch the session in the video below.

#IfikieNameless! Wahu’s kissing photo goes viral, na sio na bwanake (Photo)

Too shut people up, Both Vera and Otile told their haters to stop criticising their relationship.

Otile wrote: “Some women know how to judge others but the cannot even cook this good.”

Otile vera

However, in the latest display of affection for each other. Otile is seen serenading Vera in what they called a “private performance”.

Through out the video, Vera can be heard giggling like a nubile girl. Meanwhile Otile is half naked. Showing off his caramel brown abs and shooting sexy glances at vera who was obviously holding the camera phone.


Soon, hawa wawili watashoot sex tape. Again, i ask, who will gain more if that said sex tape is leaked?

Anyhow, here is the latest video from keeping up with the Votile’s.

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