Otile Brown vs Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika and Otile Brown have been playing their East African fans. It turns out that before the two split, they were running pure publicity stunts.

According to Tanzania’s Dizzim, a close friend to Otile revealed that the Deja Vu hitmaker wrote Vera Sidika’s song Nalia. A song that the socialite has made her debut with.

The icing on the cake is that Sidika used Otile’s Tanzanian friend Calisah as her video vixen. Tanzanian media pundits report that Otile linked Vera with Calisah to get into the Tanzanian market.

Calisah is one of the known drama kings in the “+255” who first hit the headlines when a sex tape of himself and Wema Sepetu went viral.

Since then, controversy has followed this man and fans think he was definitely the right person Vera would use to capture Tanzanian fans.

Vera Sidika flaunts a new car she gifted Calisah
Vera Sidika and Calisah

It is, however, official that Otile and Vera aren’t friends anymore after the socialite said he has a small cassava. This led to the leaking of information that Otile wrote her song.

‘His mjulubeng is small’ Petty Vera Sidika breaks the Internet dissing Otile(screenshots)