Otile Brown accident

Singer Otile Brown is making headlines for all the wrong reasons after he knocked down two people riding on a boda boda.

The singer, who was driving his white Mercedes Benz knocked the two on Wednesday at around 11:30 pm.

Popular media personality DJ Daddy Ramosh was the passenger on the bodaboda Otile hit.

Ramosh escaped with minor injuries and the rider of the boda boda was badly injured. He suffered severe knee injuries and he was rushed to Kenyatta Hospital.

Otile Brown

An eye witness told Mpasho.co.ke,

Otile Brown ana madharau sana. He hit the boda boda intentionally then anaongea ujinga. He was almost beaten up by a mob but luckily he was rescued by a top DJ. Boda boda riders almost lynhed him. He behaves as if he owns this country. Fame has really gotten into his head,’ said the source.


DJ Daddy Ramosh was discharged yesterday from hospital after he was stitched 14 times. The rider’s right leg was broken.”

Here are the photos

Otile Brown Otile Brown Otile Brown

DJ Daddy Ramosh took to Twitter to call out Otile Brown, thanking God for saving their lives.

God has taught me that I never need to worry about tomorrow.I survived yesterday.I am alive and dealing with today. With God’s help I can face tomorrow and whatever may come my way @OtileBrownKenya it was me whom you intentionally hit with your blodclat car,’ he tweeted.


Dear God,from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for being there for me , never living me,and always loving me.. @OtileBrownKenya jaribu next time attempting to kill me usidhani mungu hulalala. Wacha vile ulikua unasema ati ni mambo madogo haya killing us.

Here is the video from the accident scene

Mpasho.co.ke tried to reach out to Otile Brown for comment but our calls went unanswered.