Otile Brown

Otile Brown was recently alleged (by ex-lover Vera Sidika) to have a small cassava. But before all the drama Otile Brown earned a living in ways that would surprise you.

Otile has been accused of extorting money from the women he has dated but this is not confirmed. All we have is information from Vera Sidika’s petty post on social media casting shade at him after they broke up.

Otile Brown

It was all stirred up by comments fans were throwing at her saying her song, Nalia, was inspired by her pain after breaking up with Otile Brown.

Well, before all the accusations to do with all things money, Otile Brown spoke in an interview with Capital Campus, where he revealed that his first paying job was making Sabuni.

I was an operator in a soap company


So before all the fame and money, Otile Brown had a normal, minimum wage job.

Siri imetoboka! Otile Brown wrote Vera Sidika’s song