Coastal based musician Otile Brown finally came out of the shell to discuss matters of importance.

The singer who has been in a beehive of activity by gifting Kenyans with some dope music wore a serious face this time round, it was not business as usual.

Far from music he gave his opinion on the incident at Lugulu girl’s where students protested for being sexually abused by urging Kenyans to protect children but later on fired up on those using laughing emojis on the post.

Musician Otile Brown was not a happy man on Tuesday after giving his opinion on the incident at Lugulu girl’s.

Otile posted the video on Instagram that trended of the students taking their frustrations to the streets over sexual abuse by their male teachers.

For the musician he expressed his disappointments and urged Kenyans to protect children before the situation gets worse.

“😔 sad..protect our babies b4 we drive there🤦‍♂️” He captioned.

Now the story does not end there after giving his take on the issue his comment section was flocking but this time Otile was unimpressed with netizens.

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The singer was angered by fans using laughing emojis on such a serious scenario threatening to block them all.

“Wat’s funny for the people with laughing emoji 🤦‍♂️ ..this world makes me sick…ama block you all.” He wrote.

One of the Instagram users identifying herself as Betty however defended the situation by claiming that some keyboards are built that way and start every conversation with a laughing emoji automatically.

She responded, “@otilebrown there are keyboards that start with the 😂😂😂 emoji or sb uses wen too lazy to chat….But Its sad.”

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