Otile Brown and Akothee
Otile Brown and Akothee

Otile Brown needs a real woman in his life. That is, according to the singer himself who posted his plea on social media.

The artiste spoke of how he did not want a woman who looks for kiki, whatever that means? Probably women looking for fame and attention;

With 🤳 one can possibly be enough ..Damn! I think am lonely..I need a “real woman” in my life 👉sio Madanguro na watafuta kiki . Dem gani unadhani ametulia na ananifaa??#BadMan#wegotnothingbutlove

Otile Brown
The singer having a wonderful time

Many of his followers would probably have expected the attractive “Chaguo la Moyo” singer to be with someone at the moment. That did not mean that they did not have ideas for he should end up with.

Otile Brown
The musician posing

Many celebs were mentioned but one who was mentioned more than most was Akothee. Some of the followers comments are below:

migeltbroz: @castrodee254 Na mbona umeongea point strong sana. Otile should Look for a humble girlfriend and life will be awesome for him always

ndonjterry: Mmmmmm…but nyinyi celebs hamtakangi madem wametulia…

elizajuma89: When did u ask this question? 😔😔😔😜 aaargh hope sijachelewa

irenewanza5: I think nmetulia Mimi @otilebrown 😂😂😂

evansodacosta: I think @akotheethebosslady anaweza😂😂

Looking great in pink

antony.eric: @otilebrown Chukua dem lowkey achana na madiva na mashikwekwe

gadaffi_derrqxler: #akothee yuko top ⏫

flothebosschick: Wewe ndio madanguro…. Tulia kwanza


ms_ngash: Huddah😉😉

Otile might be jaded after his experiences with Vera Sidika that were splashed all over social media and the tabloids, like yours truly.

Otile supporting Vera
The singer supporting Vera when she opened he beauty parlour back in the past

Their break-up was one embarrassing affair for Otile after Vera alleged that he had a small msolokombo that he did not know how to use well.

She also claimed that he was a drain on her resources always asking for money from her. Otile on his part ,claimed that it was Vera who asked for money from him, for her new business venture.

That some Kenyans think Akothee would be the ideal woman for Otile, shows me our humorous side. If Vera was hard to deal with for Otile, would n’t Akothee be too much to handle for Mr. Brown?

But that is my opinion. What do you think?

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