Days ago, Kenyan actress Sandra Dacha went on national TV to talk about the struggles late comedian Othuol Othuol was going through before his death.

Among them is his battle with alcoholism.

Here is why I feel Sandra had no right to talk about Othuol’s alcoholism now that he is dead.

‘Othuol used to drink a lot,’ Auntie Boss actress Sandra Dacha spills the beans

Othuol had publicly talked about his battle with alcoholism

In a past interview, Othuol admitted that before he was diagnosed with tuberculosis he had battled alcoholism.

So bad was it that he would sell his furniture, gas cooker, among other things just to be able to afford alcohol.

He was also struggling and would drink before and after Churchill performances.

According to Othuol he had quit drinking, It might or might not be true but Sandra had no tight to ‘anika’ him on national TV considering she was his ‘friend.

Me thinks, it was his story to tell.

‘Churchill had visited Othuol 2 days before his death,’ Zeddy defends her boss

Everyone has their demons to fight

Let’s all be frank, we all have ‘demons’ we battle with daily.

For some, it might be an addiction to sex, drugs, and masturbation among other things.

Some battles are personal until one decides to open up about it.

So before we judge Othuol for being an alcoholic let’s keep in mind that he tried and like other things alcoholism is a disease.

One that robs families of peace of mind, privacy, so, please don’t be too quick to judge.

Friends protect each other

Good friends should cover your ‘nakedness.’

Talking about Othuol’s alcoholism is not the issue; the issue is how she went to talk about it on national TV, after his death.

He has not even been buried yet.

Like everyone else Othuol worked hard, the saddest thing is that he won’t live to his full career potential. He will never make us laugh again.

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