If your woman doesn’t love you like Bridget loves her man, leave!

Bridget has been trolled for owning fake Gucci and Louis Vuitton shoes and clothes and she might just be proving the haters wrong. She took to her social media images of Gucci shoes that you have probably seen Wizkid in, that she bought for her man.

Bridget’s man, Bobo, who she claims he is the Ghanaian Prime Minister’s son can count himself lucky. As much as socialites are known to be women who like to eat up men’s money, Bridget works hard to prove she works for her money and so she decided to spoil her man with some new sneakers. Bridget posted a video unwrapping the gift probably for her haters who never stop trolling her when it comes to her worth.

Here are the images of the shoes:

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We went ahead to do our research just to find out how much the shoe costs and from the Gucci website, the shoe cost a whopping $820 which is Ksh 82000. I know right?

Bridget had also mentioned in various interviews that she is very rich when the question of how much she used to bleach her skin came up, her figure was 3million and probably more because she says its an everyday process.