This one’s for everybody. “Taking the market by storm” is an understatement. The dual front cam OPPO F3 is the one phone in Kenya that even celebs are rushing to own …and no, we won’t be surprised if you’d like to have one too.

You see, cameras, especially the front-facing cameras, are nowadays the most important part of a phone. Dual cameras are slowly becoming the in-thing. It’s what people want.

So why not have a dual-camera at the front of your device?

This is the coolest feature of the OPPO F3. It’s got TWO exceptional front 8MP and 16MP cameras – one standard 80° camera and one with a wide angle lens for group selfies.


Simply means Kenyans can snap that classic solo shot but then choose a group shot when they’re capturing memories with friends or family.

There’s more. The F3 has a smart facial recognition feature that will prompt users to switch to the group selfie camera after detecting more than three faces in the frame.


And you know how difficult it can be to take a selfie? OPPO have solved that by introducing a ‘palm shutter function’. Just wave your hand in front of the camera to activate an automatic shutter countdown. That gives you time to set up the photo and have the camera stable for the perfect selfie.

Bokeh effect

As if that’s not enough, OPPO F3 comes equiped with Beautify 4.0 with Bokeh effect that allows users to capture their very best looks!

Blemish reduction has been refined to ensure beautiful, natural-looking shots that are eye-catching for all the right reasons.

The new “Bokeh effect” will give your selfies an effortless distinction, offsetting the subject of the photo with a blurry background.

Bokeh Effect on OPPO
Bokeh Effect on OPPO

Now you know why this phone will make you fall in love with your face again and again and again…

Where to get the OPPO F3?

Buy the OPPO F3 on Jumia Kenya or at any OPPO branded shops countrywide at just Sh32,999/=