Zari and Diamond
Zari and Diamond in a file photo

Zari and Diamond were the “it” couple for a few years. From the time they debuted in 2014, the two captured the hearts and minds of the masses. They were the couple to aspire to for the romantics and they were also the couple that made many hate the concept of love.

Zari and Diamond
The couple in a file photo

The course of their relationship was filled with great highs like the two children they bore together; Princess Tiffah (born August 2015) and Nylan (born December 2016).

Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan
Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan

Their lows were even bigger with the greatest being a rumour (that was later confirmed) of Diamond having a baby with video vixen Hamisa Mobetto, whom he met on the set of his “Salome” video.

Diamond and Hamisa
Diamond and Hamisa on the set of “Salome”

In February 2018, Zari had finally had enough of his cheating ways and dumped Diamond on Valentine’s Day. Her dramatic post on Instagram featured a black rose and explained why she needed to break up with him.

Zari's Valentine's post
Zari’s Valentine’s post

What has happened since then and who among the two has had a better year? Let’s take a look below:

Zari seems to have moved on.

There is a reason I put in the word “seems” because the mother of 5 has taken many shots at Diamond since they split.


In one of her famous posts, she names a new dog that she got, after her ex. Why? The allusion to his philanderering ways. What better way to show it than call her dog after him.

Zari and Diamond
The couple in Zanzibar in the past

Her biggest gripe (one that I can empathise with) is that she believes that he is not pulling his weight raising their 2 kids.

Zari Hassan
The couple with their kids in a file photo

She has called him out severally and even shamed him in an Instagram post on Father’s Day last year. She wrote:

Happy father’s day to me and the late Don….. Gone but you still here for us in all possible ways. We miss you!

Zari with her late husband Ivan in a file photo

The jabs she keeps throwing at him make me think that she is yet to move on from the singer.

Zari’s love life?

She has largely focused on her businesses (which Ivan started. I might add) and the large brood that she has. Oddly enough, she has been single since her break-up with nary a mention of a new man in her life, that is until last week.

Zari with her kids
Zari with her kids

She posted on Instagram, that she had received an expensive Louis Vuitton bag valued at Sh180,000, from a mystery lover that she called Kingbae.

Her post on Instagram

Although the post alludes to Zari dating a new man in her life, I have my doubts that he even exists. Why?

Diamond is the answer

The artist moved on from his dumping like a…I would rather not use the word here. He moaned and spoke about how hard the experience had been for him.

Diamond Platnumz
The singer posingannniversary

He even posted about not knowing whether he would see the month of March! Yep! Very macho response from the well-known player. He also subtly hit out at a certain woman who many thought might be Zari by calling the woman a horny monkey.

Zari and Diamond
The couple in the past

But Chibu must have remembered his roots as the simba he is and went back to his cheating buddy, Hamisa. The mother of his one child kept him warm and he rebounded enough by dumping her mid-last year.

Hamisa Mobeto
Hamisa Mobetto was dumped like a hot potato

Diamond, at the time, was classy enough to blame his cheating ways on her witchcraft! His career at this time did not suffer. In fact, last year was the best year the singer has had in his career as he released released a string of hits, showing that his personal life was not affecting his musical output.


Late last year, most observers were caught by surprise when he started dating Kenyan beauty Tanasha Donna. The two have been inseparable ever since and are now the “IT” couple. According to Tanasha, the two will get married in September this year.

Tanasha and Diamond together
Diamond and Tanasha

In summation, Zari dumping Diamond not only saved his career but also kept him from a life of misery tethered to a shosho. How about that?

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