People have been calling out women who leave broke men and go after already established rich guys, call them the finished product.

A woman who is patient with her broke man suffers with him is more appealing to society. There are some women however who jump ship as soon as starts to sink, gold diggers.

Some have been arguing that you should only call a woman ‘gold digger’ if you have the gold. Money has got into this gender’s heads and it is driving them crazy.

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Times are changing, women have evolved and they also want the good things in life, who doesn’t? Rich men are having a field day in this century, they know that women would do absolutely anything for money; they make it available to them but trade it with sex.

Barter trade has made its comeback, you have dough she has the body, quick exchange and everybody goes home happy.
It usually starts with simple dates, road trips, drinking in the car and this is where he wants to smash.

Alcohol is often used as an ice breaker, expensive alcohol the one which your campus boyfriend can’t afford. After he has smashed you, you can now be taken to a little shopping for dresses and iPhone.

Young girls especially teenagers are the most sought after, they are like hot cakes during winter. Rich older guys with money to burn want some young blood to pump excitement into their lives.

In women’s world money is their kryptonite, they are addicted to flashy lifestyles. The funny thing is that most of these girls are dating but their boyfriends are too broke to bankroll their expensive tastes.

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You are in your 20s dating a teenage girl, suddenly she wants to go to her ‘’uncle’’ every weekend. If she starts talking like this just focus on yourself bro, the uncle is the one smashing her.

These are the kind of women who leave their boyfriends in bedsitters and go have sex with older guys in three-star hotels, they don’t wanna suffer anymore.

What is it with women and cars anyway? Especially Mercedes, this car is a panty remover. You can’t blame them though, there is something about this car that changes your mind.

Even if your girl was not planning on cheating, a quick ride in this car and suddenly her legs are loose. Men who drive this car will tell you, they don’t even struggle. He picks you up from your place, you find pizza and Four Cousins in the back seat.

You feast as you take snap chat videos in the front seat, by the time you are at his place it’s like you are already naked.

So men should just stop whining about rejection and buy a Mercedes, works wonders.
Women naturally love to live a good and comfortable life, this needs money, lots of it. Most young men can’t afford this so they end up dealing with rejection every time they try this typa women.

Expensive wine, road trips to Naivasha, designer clothes and vacations in the Bahamas are some of the things that women crave for. If you are in a position to provide all of this then trust me you will have women eating from your palm.

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The society has made the boy child absolutely useless without money. If you try hitting on a girl and in the middle of your chats she can’t seem to find an “al pick you up’’ then she will keep tell you ‘’tutaona’’ till you give up.

Anyway did we expect women to always suffer with us till we get rich? We should have seen this coming way back. What I can tell young men right now is just work on yourself, forget about relationships and just try and make a name for yourself.

This days sex is just like a hug, you can find this anywhere once in a while to maintain your balance. Forget about impressing women and make money.

The most dangerous women are the ones who are broke with expensive taste. They want to live flashy lifestyles but she herself can’t afford it so she looks for a man who can.

All this would be avoided if women just made their own money and bankroll themselves. But this is where we are so we have to live with it. Women have become smarter, they want to get rich quickly; the funny thing is that nobody cares about how you got rich, they only care about the money.

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