Ladies!! We all crave for that perfect body and with the current trend, having all the meat in the right places is goals and it is the same case for entrepreneur Risper Faith.

Risper known for her drop-dead gorgeous hourglass figure two years after giving birth gained a lot of weight that has been affecting her self esteem.

This was until she decided to undergo the cosmetic surgery – liposuction to regain her sexy body back.

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that involves the removal of fat from the body.

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Fat is removed from different body parts such as thighs, buttocks, chin, arms, abdomen, neck etc. The procedure is slowly gaining popularity in the country although costly.

Lady Risper through the help of her rich husband Brian made their way to the medical center to get the procedure done and she gathered some of the tips she got from the medical practitioners about how to find out if you are eligible for the procedure.

. Risper faithLiposuction just like any other surgery is a risky procedure and for that matter, doctors have to ensure whether an individual is fit for the procedure or not.

Risper faith on her vlog did a blood test for the doctor to check the blood count, that is in simple terms checking on the red blood cells and the platelets.

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Another thing to take note of before undergoing the cosmetic surgery is if the person is using any medications.

For one to start the process, the individual has to fill a medication form as was with case with the former Nairobi diaries socialite.

The form was used to check if she has any underlying conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, anaemia, heart diseases, problems with the kidneys, cancer, skin and stomach problem which would rule out the cosmetic surgery as it is not suitable for persons with underlying conditions.

In Risper’s case once it was noted that she did not have any underlining conditions the surgery was paid for and booked as she was fit for the procedure and good to go.

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