Sex is very sweet but only when it’s consensual, the girl or man you are with has to explicitly say YES for you to smash, less than that then its rape.

But nobody wants to face it, this is why most rape cases go unsolved. The victim is afraid that nobody will believe them just because the rapist is in a position of power in society.

But this is slowly changing, people are beginning to talk about it more, it’s like they had an epiphany.

Victims are now coming out and talking about their experiences, a few years back Anita Nderu, Adelle Onyango, Brenda Jons, Esther Passaris, Bridget Achieng’ and Lupita Nyong’o opened up about their sexual assault experiences.

Leave Chimano alone! It is a free world

Media personality and Social Activist Adelle Onyango was raped by a stranger as she walked towards the Gypsies down Electric Avenue.

She had gone back to get her phone from her friend’s car, a man followed her, pushed her down and raped her on the grass.

Her story is similar to Brenda Jons and the others, a men forced themselves on them. Some like Brenda were raped by family members while they were so young, the trauma they suffered is unimaginable.

Nobody should have to go through something like this, a NO means NO.

Recently there has been an ongoing conversation online about rape and women are infuriated.

Past victims are now calling out their rapists who assaulted them but are still roaming free. We are now past the point of throwing blame, action is needed at this moment.

Some narcissistic men have been trying to justify rape by blaming women’s dressing. This kind of thinking is shallow and stupid, even if a girl wears the shortest mini skirt ever that is not an invitation to have sex with her.

Was Shakilla underage when she smashed celebs?

Yes, men are visual creatures but you should not just give in to anything tempting your eyes see. These women love to look good, they like dressing up and if they are comfortable in booty shorts and miniskirts then let them be. If you think a short dress means she is horny then don’t try walking around bare-chested.

I fail to understand how some people defend rapists, like how can you sympathize with a monster. Sexual assault can be verbal or physical, verbal is when you hurl insults at a girl about her sexuality.

I was with some guys the other day and were just talking, then a girl passed by and they started catcalling her.

The girl ignored them and they started insulting her. I told them to stop it but they just laughed and brushed me away. How would you feel if something like this happened to your sister or mother? Not so funny right now huh.

If you follow up on these rape cases, most victims were assaulted by family members, friends and the people closest to them.

Emotional letter from DJ Mo’s fan! Dear ‘Hide my ID’ gang…

We can’t always assume strangers did it every time, the sad reality is that the people closest to you are the ones capable of hurting you the most.

We have heard cases of stepdads raping their daughters, uncles assaulting their nieces. Most of these cases are ignore because the family chooses to cover it up in the name of avoiding shame.

Alcohol, it can seriously tamper with your decision making, most people get drunk so as to get ‘courage’ to do stuff which they wouldn’t do when sober.

If you have to get a girl drunk so that you can sleep with her, you are a coward! People call it ‘marinating’, a song has even been written about it.

Most men use this tactic, if a girl says NO to them, they just invite them for a drink, who says no to a drink right?

He gets her drunk and then proceeds to smash her. Keep in mind that this girl never agreed to have sex with him, the alcohol smoothened things up for this coward. This is straight-up rape!

Dear celebrities, stop with the publicity stunts, they are now redundant!

There is this group of men who have sex with girls even after they blackout from booze, do you even deserve to live?

Some are still chanting ‘men get raped too’, this are the kind of people who kept saying ‘all lives matter’, yes they do but that is not the issue at the moment.

Our women are fighting for their lives and here you are trying to undermine that. According to ATTN, 1 out of 10 rape victims are male, whatever you chose to do with this information is up to you.

Before you smash a girl, woe them first, pleasing this gender is very easy. If they like then they will give you their couchie anytime you guys feel horny. Why rape her when you can just ask her for it?

If she says NO then look for another one, lotsa fish in the see. If you don’t hear a YES and you still do it that is RAPE!

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