Howdy Mpasholites and perhaps those in Kenya at large?

We stumbled upon this letter and thought you might find it absolutely intriguing …enjoy!

Dear Mr. President,

Receive our greetings from the Miss World Kenya team here in China representing the nation at the annual Miss World Beauty Pageant. With over 140 countries participating and more than 1 Billion viewers every year, this is the longest running and undisputedly the most prestigious beauty pageant in the world as it does not only celebrate physical beauty but also emphasises on inner beauty through beauty with a purpose.

Our nation’s hope lies on the shoulders of Ms. Magline Jeruto (Miss Elgeyo Marakwet), our representative this year. She has been here for a month and has so far been remarkable; even qualifying to be among the coveted top 30 contestants. As you know, Kenya currently holds the Miss World Africa title and consequently the expectations are high. As the competition heads towards the homestretch, the media and general public have taken keen interest and are hopeful that she will do exceptionally well come the finale on 18th Dec, 2017.

Your Excellency, it’s my humble submission that Jeruto is not only performing a national duty but is the face of Kenyan beauty to the world, a responsibility that should be catered within the Ministries of Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs as well as Sports, Culture and the Arts with support from the Ministry of Tourism. We are cognisant of the current economic challenges that the political tension has caused. This has adversely affected our would-be corporate sponsors and has greatly depleted our finances on a personal and business level. However, mandatory competition requirements and expenses such as airline tickets, wardrobe, accommodation, and participation expenses have to be facilitated to create a conducive and equal environment for all contestants. To make this happen I have incurred personal debt to the tune of KES 2.5Million

Mr. President as you go about your many national duties serving the great people of Kenya, may you find it in you to hear our simple plea. As you have done in the past, may you remember us and support us here in China.

Thank you and may God bless you.
Mrs. Terry Mungai,
CEO, Ashleys Kenya and Miss World Kenya Franchise Director.