Robert Burale
The pastor posing

Preacher and motivational speaker Robert Burale is mourning the death of his sister Sarah.

According to Burale, he learnt of her death through a phone call from the doctors.

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He further stated that their father and two brothers died before Sarah, adding that she fought a good fight and her race is now over.

“My sister Sarah …Words fail me …The phone .call from the doctor that you are no more hit me like a thunderbolt.This is hard….Really hard ..Rest well my sister…Dad and our two brothers had gone before you…Enter into the Heavens Triumphantly..You fought a good fight ….You ran a good race and have now finished your race
Rest well my sister Sarah ….,” he wrote on Instagram.

Robert Burale

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A few months ago, Burale also announced the demise of his uncle. According to Burale, the departed uncle was his only surviving uncle.

“REST WELL. May Heaven receive you well… have followed your brothers Absalom, Apollo, John, Sam, George…you were the last of the strong battalion remaining. As your sons/nephews we will carry on with the legacy……REST WELL,” read Burale’s post.

Check out condolence messages from followers;

Pierramakenaofficial: Pole sana! Praying for you

daddyowenPoleni sana my brother🙏

massawejapanni So sorry Burale

realmikewachira pole sana Burale may Sarah rest with the Angels and may God grant you peace and strength and hi Grace through this period

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