Cebbie Koks

On Saturday, July 18, 2020 Dr Rusana went on his knees to propose to Akothee’s younger sister Cebbie Koks.

It was during an event along Nyangumi Road in Kilimani, where she was supposed to be unveiled as a brand ambassador of Pete’s cafe.

Rusana, who’s from a political family in Migori county gifted the love of his life a Volvo XC60  car inscribed ‘Be my wife’ on the number plates, pro-gas cylinder, Samsung Note 10 among other gifts.

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This caught the attention of many and the couple trended for almost two weeks both positively and negatively.

Cebbie spoke for the first time after the engagement in an interview with CJ Atemo on his YouTube channel sharing their worst experiences.

It was not easy for both families and brands. the backlash after the engagement didn’t scare me. One thing I’m shocked they didn’t produce is a sex tape. that’s the only thing that can scare me,’ she said.

Rusana a quiet and private person was exposed to social media bullying and his life isn’t private anymore.

He didn’t see this coming. It was hot for him. he said “I think for the longest time I didn’t know who you are and now I know you”.

She continued,

He was not moved by anything including the screenshots, calls… he had one word, “I have the time to prove who Cebbie is, I don’t need your confirmation.

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The Moi University graduate is known for keeping her relationships private away from the public eye but speaking about her current man, she said,

Nobody was going to know about him if the engagement didn’t happen because I like to hide someone I share my emotions with because of social media. With the current society, exposing a relationship especially a young one you’ll get stressed up and a lot of backlash. His inbox is full. We deactivated it [account] then activated it again because women have been sending him messages. He has lost his privacy… that’s why I try to hide a spouse. They’ll never see him again…

The publicity affected Rusana and he has been having a rough time. Explaining this, Cebbie said,

‘After all that [trending], he has been having crazy dreams. The other day he dreamt that he killed somebody. He told me “you know I DREAmt that I stabbed someone seven times”, I think its because he’s still having that kind of rage like “why are you guys so mean”‘.

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