As the nation mourns the death of young Kenyan professionals who died in the Garissa attack,  word is one of the Alshabaab attackers Abdirahim Mohamed Abdullahi is a well-known Kenyan “lawyer”, Law, graduate student from The University of Nairobi and  the son of a Kenya Government Administrative  Chief in Mandera.

On Saturday Kenyan police paraded bodies of the slain Al Shabab militants for the public to identify and shockingly, more than 5 people were able to identify Abdirahim Mohamed Abdullahi among them his  former teachers and classmates from Wammy High School who described him as a “brilliant upcoming lawyer”.

4 Terrorists Killed In Garissa And Their Bodies Paraded For The Locals To Identify

“He is the man in stripped shirts. He graduated from the University of Nairobi in 2013”, a man close to Abdirahim Mohamed Abdullahi told a local website. (Sorry we cannot share the disturbing photos).

Abdirahim who is from the Degodia clan is said to have gone missing from his Mandera home one year ago with the talk that he had joined Somali militant group Al-Shabab or travelled to Syria although he did not make it to Syria as he had no passport.

Later on, Abdirahim opted to join Al Shabab while his classmate and best friend at Wamy High School named Mohamed “Atom” managed to fly to Turkey and cross over into Syria to join IS.
All the four Al Shabab militants gunned down by the elite Recce Squad are said to be Kenyan nationals. Live by the gun die by the gun.

Here is the photo