YY comedian

Comedian YY, branded a wise man by his fans, has been sharing relationship advice on social media.

YY is never afraid of speaking out his mind and during a Q&A with his fans, he left many in stitches after talking about the things women have ever done to him.

What’s the most disrespectful thing/things a woman has ever done to you?’ one of his fans asked.

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In one of his responses YY wrote,

She left me for another man she just met in the club while waiting for me to arrive.

Another one read,

One cheated on me while I was bedridden.

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The multitalented comedian also revealed that he was beaten by a woman.

She beat me up and carried a knife just because a man shouldn’t lay a finger on a woman.

In another response he said.

She snatched the phone from my ear in public while I was speaking to my mother.

Check out more responses by YY.

YY Comedian

Another fan asked him about the qualities men want in women and he said they vary depending on individuals.

YY Comedian

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