Diana Marua

Diana Marua and Bahati’s son Majesty was chauffeured home in a convoy.

The convoy consisted of Mercedes Benz and Toyota Prados. Diana gave birth ar RFH healthcare in Ruai and her son was named the brand ambassador of the health facility. Starehe MP Constituency Hon Jaguar and musician Bon Eye visited Diana in hospital after giving birth.

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THIS QUEEN ❤️ May God Bless this Queen, My Wife @Diana_marua that Came Into My life Few Years ago. Thank you Babe for You've always got my Back. I Know I Over Dream and My Vision for Success Seem Impossible at Times but You've always been there to tell me Hubby You Can DO IT! Sorry for the times things are not perfect, The Times have Made you Cry. But this is Just to tell you that On Earth You Come 1st❗ You're the best thing that has ever happened in my Life. The Best Gift from Above. The Best Mum I can Have for my Kids…. Thank You for Giving Me Another One Mama #MAJESTY 👑 @MAJESTYBAHATI May You Live Long to See Our Grand Children IN JESUS NAME 🙏

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Bahati took to social media to share the video and he wrote,

WHO’S DAT? @MAJESTYBAHATI 👑 Is Now at Home. Thank you @LESUSEXECUTIVE For Giving My Queen & Kid a Royal Convoy from @RFH_HEALTHCARE Ruai. They Have Also Promised me a SEVEN (7) Helicopters Convoy During My Public Wedding Announcing Dates Soon.

Bahati is not the first Kenyan to do such an extraordinary. In September last year, nominated senator Daisy Nyongesa chauffeured in a limo after giving birth at Nairobi Hospital.

Her husband, Nabii Nabwera, from the land of Mulembeland, brought business to a standstill after he chauffeured his wife in a limousine from Nairobi hospital after delivering a baby boy.

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