Ommy Dimpoz
Ommy Dimpoz

Ommy Dimpoz has for the first time spoken up after leaving hospital.

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Ommy Dimpoz, whose health is improving day by day, has released a new song called Ni Wewe. The song, which has a touch of gospel, is basically a thanksgiving jam.

In the song, the multi-talented singer thanks his family, fans and friends for being there for him. He also thanks the Almighty God for protecting him.

The song attracted more than 95,000 views in barely 24 hours.

An extract of the song reads:

Umenitoa gizani sina Maelezo Nimeishiwa uwezo,

Namwomba aliye juu anitoe kitandani,

Nikawazaje Ingekuaje maisha yangu na familia ningeondoka,

Niwazaje in shabiki zangu na ndoto zangu zingezimika,

Baba ni wewe.

Ommy Dimpoz

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The Tanzanian singer who was in and out of hospital since June 2018, talked to Millard Ayo about his health.

I just want to thank God for the gift of life. I have been through a lot.

He added;

After the first operation in South Africa, I started developing complications. I had breathing difficulties and coughed a lot. The scar on my throat after the first operation had been infected. I was taken to Germany where the pus was drained preventing it from getting to the liver.

He continued:

On 7th December I went to theatre and I thank God for the successful surgery. I stayed in the hospital for three weeks.

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