Ommy Dimpoz

Tanzanian artiste Ommy Dimpoz has shared details about how he refused to sell a football match ticket for 30 million only for Victor Wanyama to call him ‘stupid’.

The incident happened while Dimpoz had traveled to Madrid to watch a match between Tottenham and Liverpool.

Sharing the incident on his social media platform he said


‘Victor Wanyama and I used to talk,so after he asked me how my tests had gone and was sure everything was OK he asked me to go to Madrid.

He wanted me to go watch a final UEFA match between Tottenham and Liverpool. So I took a flight and off I went.

His family received me but while going towards the field I noticed that so many fans had no tickets.

Only for a white man to say he was ready to pay (10,000 pounds) Tsh30 million for a ticket,as they were very few.’

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Ommy Dimpoz

‘I was tempted to sell my ticket but decided against the idea,Sadly Tottenham lost.

When Wanyama heard that I refused to sell my ticket he called me stupid’ Dimpoz hilariously shared

Dimpoz also narrated how he had a cancer scare moment last year while receiving treatment for an ailment in Germany.

Narrating the experience via his social media platform, Dimpoz said

‘I thank God that I was able to see this day 13/09/2020.

it’s my birthday but there is also something that happened to me last year while I was away for medical a checkup.

After going through two major surgeries,One in South Africa and one in Germany I was able to go back to my life by God’s grace.

Ommy Dimpoz

I resumed my life and even wrote the song ‘Ni Wewe’ and many others.

It reached a point where I had to go back to Germany for a checkup on how I was doing health wise.

Everything went on well and I was allowed to go back home,although there was one test whose results were still pending.

The doctor told me he would send the results via email so he saw no need of me hanging around, I was very pleased with the news.’

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Dimpoz added

‘I then started planning my trip back home (Tanzania) as I was supposed to make arrangements and travel to go ,Saudi Arabia.

While at the airport one hour before I boarded the plane,the doctors called and told me not to travel as there was an emergency.

So  I cancelled my ticket,took a taxi back to the hospital, It’s then the doctor told me the results of the pending tests he was to send via email.

The results showed that my lungs did not look so good so I had to stay another month s they could confirm it wasn’t cancer.

 I almost gave up.’

Dimpoz added that just when he thought things couldn’t get worse, the doctor told him he had to stay two more weeks.

‘I asked the doctor how much the tests would cost and was told they had to carry out a minor operation and cut a part of my lung.

The total bill would amount to 88 million.’

Ommy Dimpoz

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Not having come fully prepared as he never expected things to get out of hand, Dimpoz says he asked to be let lose so he could go back home.

‘I was very shocked and told the doctor that I didn’t have such a huge amount with me as I had just come for a checkup.

The doctor asked me what we would do and I told him to let me go back home, despite the fact that I was curious to know what was ailing me.

I wanted to come back home and make plans then go back but he refused to let me go,he asked me to wait a few minutes while he consulted with fellow doctors.

After a short while he came back looking at me with pity and said they had decided to carry out the tests for free.’

Ommy Dimpoz


I was very shocked but pleased at the same time. I did not have a medical insurance and it’s so hard to be treated for free.

I was admitted for more than a week.

I started googling on the effects of lung cancer and knew this time round I would not make it.

Luckily when the results came back I had no cancer just an infection that could be treated with drugs, so after wards I was allowed to go back home.’

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