Ommy Dimpoz

Some Tanzanian fake social media messages have been going rounds deceiving people that Ommy Dimpoz is dead. The management of the singer, who is very much alive, have been saddened by the fake news and have cleared it saying the Baade hitmakre is alive and well.

Recently, the Wanje singer was reported to have been re-admitted to hospital but this time round at a German based hospital. Speaking to Global TV, Dimpoz’s father confirmed his son was doing well, until recently when his condition worsened.

Dimpoz’s dad said:

They have taken him to Germany for treatment and a possible surgery again. I have been talking to them on phone to know how he is going on

Another close friend to the family also said the singer is in Germany for treatment.

Baada ya upasuaji awali wa koo hadi tumboni, alipata tatizo la kutoa uzaha na akakimbizwa hospitalini Ujerumani

Ommy Dimpoz

Dimpoz has been struggling with throat-related complications for sometime now. Previously he was flown to South Africa for a life-saving surgery over the same, where he spent about 15 days in the hospital.

Ommy Dimpoz in Kenya after finally discharged from hospital in Germany