While everyone is talking about the Pope, there is one Kenyan artist who is not really feeling that vibe and for some reason, he prefers doing other things other than follow up on the trend, Pope In Kenya.

This is none other than Doobeez aka Abbas Kubaff, who’s definitely one of Kenya’s Hip-Hop bad boys and I must say that this is not surprising.

Real name Andrew Karuku, the rapper is now the father of a beautiful daughter and happily married to a beautiful Caucasian woman, Anna Curtis, though this is his second marriage.

Kenyan Rapper Abbas Kubaff Weds For The Second Time Secretly in Coast (Photos)

The popular K-South rapper took to his social media today to air his sentiments about the Pope in Kenya fever and well, it turns out that he is not really concerned about Pope Francis nor following up on his visit in Kenya.

This is what he posted on his Instagram.

Sorry.. I’m not with all that pope vibe… Ill Just bump wu all day and reserve my comments…

Need I say more? Nope, I just leave this here.