Bishop Allan Kiuna and his wife Reverend Kathy Kiuna are one of the most popular preachers and couples in the country.

The power couple founded the Jubilee Christian Church (JCC) in Parklands, which has been marred by a few controversies in the recent past, the most popular being allegations that they were not allowing poor people in the church.

“I Did Not Ban Poor People From Attending My Church,” Kathy Kiuna Clears The Air (VIDEO)

Rev Kathy and her hubby Allan Kiuna have been together for a good 21 years and are blessed with two lovely daughters, Firstborn Vanessa, the controversial, Stephany and son Jeremy.

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The flamboyant family lives in the suburb of Runda and own a big mansion, with lush gardens and a swimming pool, a life that many can only dream of.

So, it happens that the Reverend Kathy Kiuna posted a photo while kissing her husband, something that many faithful would consider unacceptable for church leaders.

She posted the racy photo with this sweet message for husband:

Happy bday my boo. I love you so much. Marrying you on ur bday was the greatest gift God gave us. I could marry u a million times over. Thnx for loving me and being my best friend. Decades later I feel like I just met you. My best friend, my hero, my boo. I love you big.

Apparently, Thursday, Dec 10 was Bishop Allan Kiuna’s birthday, and it also happens to be the day they celebrate their wedding anniversary, so she decided to wish him a happy birthday with the captivating picture.

The fashionable Bishop in-turn appreciated his woman who has stood by him even when he had nothing, with this caption on the same photo;

Am blessed to have you in my life. I love you to bits and looking forward to the next many years together!!

Wow, so much love going on around here, these two are totally inseparable. Happy anniversary to the famous couple.

Reverend Kathy Kiuna and hubby Bishop Allan Kiuna show each other affection in the picture below.

allan kiuna

Here are is Kathy’s post on Instagram.

Allan Kiuna_Kathy Kiuna