Singer Akothee on Friday during an interview with Willis Raburu on 10Over10 show publicly confessed her love for the father of her three daughters, Mr Okello.

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Akothee’s firstborn daughter Vesha Shaillan Okello, director of Akothee Safaris surprised her with a cheque of Sh500,000, which she said she donated towards her mother’s hunger kitty.

Esther Akoth with her firstborn daughter show off a dummy cheque of Sh500,000

Talking about her mother she said:

I love you so much mum and you’re doing a great job.

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The mother of five was caught by surprise and she showered her daughter with praise as well as her first baby daddy; the father of her three daughters.

She just said her name is Vesha Shaillan Okello. That man called Okello is my sweetheart. That was my first boyfriend. Wherever you’re daddy we’re proud of you.

You see your daughter is in Strathmore, you must come and pat m on the back. TELL YOUR WIFE TO WAIT ABIT.

The Shengerea Mama hitmaker added:

This [Vesha] is one of my most disciplined daughters. I thank God that I’ve brought up very disciplined children. As much as I messed up in my life, I took charge of my life.

Akothee with her daughter

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