Dennis Okari wedding
Dennis Okari wedding

Denis Okari is the man of the moment after he got married a second time. This is after his failed marriage to Betty Kyallo.

The veteran media personality had his church service at Ridgeways Baptist Church on Kiambu Road.

The Kabus with Dennis Okari
The Kabus with Dennis Okari on his wedding day

In the afternoon, Dennis and his happy wife, Naomi Joy, drove off to Windsor Golf Club for a pink-themed after party.

While many greeted the news with pomp and mirth, I didn’t, I view it as something that was not well-advised.


Simply because the chances of his marriage ending in divorce are much higher now.

Ken Mijungu and Dennis Okari
Mijungu and Okari at the wedding

How did I come up with this fact?

According to statistics provided by psychologytoday, 50% of marriages end in divorce, the number goes upto 67% for the second, and 73% for the 3rd marriage.

The most commons reason for this and I quote from the article:

A significant number of people enter a second or third marriage ‘on the rebound’ of a first or second divorce.

Often the people concerned are vulnerable; they do not allow sufficient time to recover from their divorce or to get their priorities straight before taking their vows again.

They enter their next marriage for the wrong reasons, not having internalized the lessons of their past experience. 

I use American statistics because much of the developing world (which Kenya is) mirrors the ills (sadly with few of the successes) of the only superpower left in the world.

Ken Mijungu and Dennis Okari
Mijungu and Okari

And here is the irony, the USA, doesn’t even have the highest rate, Belarus leads with a staggering 68% of divorces. According to, the list of the top 5 is below:

1. Belarus 68%
2. Russian Federation 65%
3. Sweden 64%
4. Latvia 63%
5. Ukraine 63%

As a betting man, would you wager on an investment that would fail 27% of the time for a second marriage? That is the risk that Okari is assuming with this recent tango.

Betty Kyalo and Dennis Okari
Okari and Kyallo during their honeymoon

Please get me right.

I am not saying that his marriage is doomed to fail but I am saying that the risk of it going down like the Hindenburg is worryingly high.

What would my solution be for those wanting to venture into a second or third marriage?


Keep your assets under a company and always assume that it (the marriage can end) the next day. At least then you will not lose your hard-earned wealth.

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