Fisi ni fisi tu! A fisi can be knocked down by a mkokoteni while gazing at a sexy woman passing-by. A fisi will follow a super hot woman, not on Twitter, but from the bus stage in Muthurwa, across the city centre and all the way to Hurligham; on foot.

While at it, the fisi will drool on the woman’s killer figure, fantasize on her posterior, and day-dream that he’s suckling her shapely titties with pointed nipples that are threatening to tear off the bra.

TEAM MAFISI EHH? Here Are The 8 Most Beautiful Women From Eritrea

All along, one of the fisi’s hands, mostly the left one, will be tucked in his pocket. DON’T ask me why! That’s a random schedule for a random fisi in Nairobi city.

I have been in a company of a few #TeamMafisi members and eavesdropped on some of their conversations. Ladies, Mafisi are always discussing you! They are always throwing names around of the women they would love to prey on.

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