Shaniqwa Jameni

Jameni’s actor Kevin Mwangi, who is popularly known for his comic character as the sassy socialite Shaniqwa, is a sad man.
The actor is devastated after he went back home on Tuesday, Jan 26, only to find his house wrecked after burglars broke in.

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The house was a mess and from the picture on his social media page, the funny man looks very sad and in disbelief. Kevin looks down as if in tears beside a broken coffee table, a clear indication that the burglars had paid him a visit and were determined to leave all his household items in ruins.
He put up this sad post beside the photo:

After all I went through I get to my house and find this. Satan you will never get me

Good thing the actor was not hurt and neither has he been shaken and remains undaunted.
Check out the shocking photo below.Shaniqwa