Yesterday the story of Vince, a Kenyan man who won the hearts of many, after he returned a bundle of notes amounting to Sh200K that had been dropped by a passerby. He did not demand anything in return for this act. His story went viral.

First, it was reported that the man was a street urchin, but that’s not true. Vince is a cart (mkokoteni) pusher. He does odd jobs in the city’s downtown areas, he carries luggage for people.

Sio Kila Mtu Ni Mwizi! City ‘Chokora’ Left Kenyans Mesmerized He Did This. Mtampenda!

Well, it has now emerged that Vince Dancer (his Facebook username) is a graduate from one of the top country’s universities. The lad, was an intern at Kenya Airways  then got  job at a local supermarket but was later shown the door as part of the ongoing retrenchment exercises by ailing corporates.

“His name is Vincent an alumni of St. Paul’s university Limuru. He is known to be a kind person since school time, I personally schooled with him. Guys from St. Paul’s university are trying to help him, he has a very sad story behind his smile. He is a graduate in BBIT.

He continued, “He needs help and can be found always on Kimathi street. Help him if you see him. The mother and the father passed on, and they were chased out of their home by the uncles and aunts. He has other siblings also suffering like he is. He lost his job in a retrenchment in one of the supermarket chain stores. He tried many things to feed the family including hawking handkerchiefs. Doing websites for guys and later was employed as a cart Pusher in Wakulima Market .Despite his dirty looking status he has been paying the young siblings bills while sleeping on the street at Mfangano. He is a very respectful guy and well brought On the street, he might have learned few bad things but his true character remains.He is actually depressed and needs treatment and help,” read a post by a former schoolmate.”

There you have it. Well wishers have come out and are ready to help Vince and his siblings, although they haven’t found him yet.

Here are photos of Vince Dancer, flip through

Will keep you updated as soon as we get more details on Vince.