Tallia Oyando

Tallia Oyando has warned Kenyans of an imposter using her photos and name on social media to con unsuspecting victims.

The person running the pseudo account posted photos of the media personality, claiming she was in dire need of sex.

Tallia Oyando

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Tallia has responded to the post, asking her fans to be careful not to fall victims, saying the page has made hr stop posting photos of her family because the person running the account reshares them.

‘This picture has been doing rounds and has landed on my Whatsapp so many times .:.: THIS IS A FAKE Facebook PAGE for over a year I have asked Facebook to take it down and nothing has been done. This same person is conning people asking them for money and talking about Sure odds (whatever that is) if you fall for their lies that’s on you because anyone who knows me knows I don’t talk like this. They have used pictures of my child, my grandmother and you see why I stopped posting my family on social media because of this nonsense because someone can’t get their a** up to go get a job. The phone numbers associated with this page are 0704199656 and 0796133259 and 0795963406 and 0727165998….. you may laugh it may seem funny to you but it’s mentally draining to me,’ she posted.

Pubic figures are an easy target for imposters and most drive traffic to their pages by posting nudity and inappropriate content.

Below are reactions from Kenyans on Tallia’s posts;

yvonnedarcq It’s so annoying, Facebook is so irresponsible when it comes to such they ignore and take no action. It is frustrating to say the least and these impostor impersonators are just lazy cons, ridiculous 🙄

artsy_msoh 😂😂😂aaarrgh the audacity

auma_otieno 😂😂😂😂😂😂Kuni imekauka

raymondmuyon I met this post yesterday, and by the way, the person running this account is the same person who claims to be Kamene Goro with another fake Facebook page because they do associate

wakubwa_murika This is wrong in so many levels.

blaccherry Ati nani akona kuni imekauka🤣🤣

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