Betty Kyallo

Kenyans on social media can be so petty. They will make something trend even if it is not worth it.

Betty Kyallo posted a photo rocking a two-piece bikini showing off her flawless body next to a swimming pool but trolls took the chance to criticise her.

They went to an extent of ‘dressing’ Betty covering her body from the waist downwards. How would one swim fully dressed?

Betty Kyallo
Betty Kyallo photoshopped in blue skirt and a yellow handbag

Reacting to the photo, excited Betty Kyallo wrote,

I’m on the floor Aki this is my favourite one yet! Hadi nimepewa Kibetty ya Betty I loooove Kenyan Netizens kesho I give you ANOTHER ONE (Dj Khaled)

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Check out reactions to Betty’s bikini photo

phelister04 Aaah…Kenyans..aty wakitembea uchi wanavalishwa… we’re fixing this country

mitchy_mich 😂😂😂wacha avalishwe nguo 🤣

Betty Kyallo

Kenya sihami😂😂

mutua1331 Wakivua tunavalisha team Budesko 😂

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Johnie Ni Johnie   serikali imeshindwa but we must put things in order

Julius Amba Muthama She fits number 3….getting old now

Julius Prosperity Very beautiful# “mama kanisa” sa nitakuletea kitambaa

Delta Sanakiss  congratulations umevaa sasa Rinda…ile time ulikuwa umevaa panty pekee yake

Sammy Holt Wakivua tunavalishatunasodeka Kenya

James Maina That’s it! We are fixing the nation

Vero Vee Mpaka top Ina match na skirt

Vincent Mutinda Ukifunua tunafunika!

Gacheba Florence Wamuyu We are fixing Kenya

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