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A few months ago, Mpasho TV interviewed Octopizzo and he revealed something quite interesting.

“Wasee hawajui. Diss ya kina Kendric, ya akina Drake inakuwanga very business oriented. Drake akidiss Kendric halafu the next day adrop album inasell platinum. Wewe ukinidiss, in fact hata hunidiss, unaget personal. Unaanza kutaja mresh wangu. Wasee hawajui hata kudiss ni nini,” he said.

Mpasho Exclusive: Octopizzo’s Album LEAKS Ahead of The Release Date

He said that when the international artistes diss each other, you’ll never hear them mention anyone’s name, as opposed to the Kenyan music industry. In Kenya, artistes diss based on the fact that someone is hot, thriving and standing out.

This comes after Meek Mill dissed Drake and got a taste of the latter’s wrath. It turned out messy such that Drake wore a T-shirt trolling Meek at the Toronto OVO Festival.
Meek has since apologized for ranting – albeit he did this to appease his girlfriend Nicki Minaj.

Octopizzo Unleashes Something That Will Definitely Shock Many

Octopizzo says that Uganda and Tanzania are far much better than Kenya since they are good in business when it comes to the arts.

Here’s is the video;