Rapper Octopizzo has come out to talk about his intentions with the song he released with Sailors dubbed Wakiritho.

While speaking to Mpasho, Octopizzo – who had not collaborated with any artiste in two years – said that the choice to work with Sailors, was because their vibe was just different.

I wanted the song to have a cultural perspective. I look for something that was urbanized whenever I look for collabos, something that people are still trying to say hii inasound ivi then how do I urbanize it so that someone who is in New York can listen to it.

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The idea behind it was to come up with a unique sound that was more traditional than Gengetone.

In the song, he is heard talking about how the government should legalize marijuana and he affirms by giving other countries as examples and saying that it would raise a lot of revenue for the country.

He also says that the youth are going into depression and they use it as a mechanism of therapy.

The song has done so well in the past two days and has trended on YouTube at number one garnering over 150,000 views.

He has also rubbished the rumours that the beat was sampled from another song.


Listen to Otopizzo and Sailor’s collabo that they are accused of jacking.

This is the song they sampled from.


And this one too.

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He also addressed the overdue rumours that he and Khaligraph Jones are still beefing citing that what you see on social media is not entirely what happens on the ground.

In future, Octopizzo said that he might run for office but he’ll let the public know when the time is right.