Rapper Octopizzo headbutted Kenneth Otieno Abom, causing him to jump to his death from the third floor of their house last year, an inquest heard on Wednesday.

Abom’s father Aggrey Abom said his son was assaulted by the musician before he died.

An inquest into the death of the former Strathmore University student began on Wednesday at the Kibera law court before magistrate Boaz Ombewa.

During the hearing, Aggrey said Octopizzo told him he headbutted the 19-year-old last year in January.

“Immediately after my son passed away, I went home and proceeded to the house and rang the bell and a woman opened the door,” Aggrey said.

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He said Octopizzo then came and he introduced himself as the father of the dead boy.

“When i asked him to tell me what transpired, he told me that my son went to his house forcibly and proceeded straight to his bedroom and that is when he head-butted him,” he said.

He told the court that he asked the musician to at least show him a swollen wound on his head to prove the assault.

But Octopizzo got rude when he asked too many questions, Aggrey said.

“I asked why he did not call the police to arrest the boy instead of beating him.”

He said his daughter told him her brother jumped from the third floor through the window and he was also hit using a blunt object.

He later reported the matter to the police last year on January 21.

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Flavia Abom, the sister, also testified on Wednesday.

She said that day, she was in the company of three other friends in the kitchen and she saw her brother bleeding when he came in.

“His shirt had bloodstains, he had an injury on the left eye. I asked him what was wrong but he just said that he had been beaten up by Octopizzo,” she told the court.

She added, “My friends went to the balcony and they saw Octopizzo. They said it was like he was looking for my brother.”

Flavia said she left to get cotton wool to perform first aid on her brother but heard glass shattering in the bathroom where Abom had gone.

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“The door was locked from inside, I banged on the door while calling his name but there was no response.”

She said she later realised that her brother had jumped from the third floor.

Abom died while receiving treatment at Kenyatta National Hospital.

The prosecution has aligned more than 10 witnesses including Octopizzo himself.

The case will proceed next month.

The Star/Claus Masika

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