Octopizzo is out here still throwing shade.

Octopizzo and Khaligraph are two guys who have been embroiled in constant beef battle. The question on what’s their current beef situation always comes up when each goes for an interview . Khaligraph has repeatedly said, that beef is over, he’s not about that life anymore.


The one who seems to be carrying the bad blood is Octopizzo. With every interview, his throwing shade. This time, he had an interview on Ebru TV in which he said Khaligraph should just understand where he belongs and he should stick to his lane.

What lane is Octopizzo referring to? Well, Octopizzo says he has been on one of the biggest charts, in the world, iTunes and Khaligraph has not so he should respect him. In simple terms, cheza ligi yako!

cheza na youtube cheza na i tunes last year nilikuwa number two pale iTunes so until album it’s competing on the level ya jcole, hatuwezi ongea juu yako so cheza chini cheza ndogo.


The interviewer then told him that the best way to settle their beef is if they just decide to collaborate just like Eminem and  Lil Wayne did. The two had the longest cold war and after their song ‘No Love‘ the crowd was on Eminem’s side. So for Khaligraph and Octopizzo, the same should happen so that we as the crowd judge who is better instead of each blowing their own trumpet.

mimi si collaboration artiste, staki kufanya collabo for the hype.

His quote above might just have been directed to Khaligraph after he released a big tune alongside Msupa S. After all the hype she had received from her fans, Khaligraph featured her in their song, Watajua Hawajui. Just when we thought Octopizzo was done, he just blurted out:

cheza na akili puguza thorax

khaligraph Jones

Have you seen how Khaligraph looks? He is that guy who spends a good amount of time in the gym lifting weights and eating what is required to gain muscles. Octopizzo just told him, to make use of his head to create lyrics and spend less time in the gym.

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Mehn, Hip Hop always has beef involved probably to create content.

Octopizzo seems to be beefing with everyone including Casper Nyovest who is an international act and does not know Octo. Why do I say so you ask? This was evident during the TGRfest concert where in between his performance he just started throwing shade asking Casper to respect Kenyans.

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