We all know that there’s been some tiny beef going on between rapper Octopizzo and Rabbit. Actually it is alleged that King Kaka took shots at the number nane rapper in his track “Kichinjio“.  (Check out the article below)

Is Rabbit ‘Kaka Sungura’ Taking Shots at Octopizzo in His Track “Kichinjio”? (Video)

Last night, the two rappers met at Ne-Yo’s meet and greet party that took place at Sankara, and I didn’t expect them to have a chat at all. But hey, It looks like they are either pretending or they actually have no beef.

Rabbit and I are good friends, we’ve never had any problem. Actually he’s among the first guys I worked with in the industry. This all beef thing is being created by the media and unfortunately, some of our fans believe it

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