Jaguar and Octopizzo are fighting and I am loving the exchange because it means that younger and younger people are taking an interest in politis and thatt is indeed the only way to ensure that we as a people eventually get the proper leadership we deserve.

Octopizzo, a rapper who grew up in Kibera hails from the Luo community. As such, the events unfloding in Kisumu where there are reports of police killing innocent people who are excercising their consitutional rights to demonstrate.

Jaguar, who is elected the member of Starehe constituency is from the Kikuyu community, the same community the president of the land hails from. Jaguar however, being an elected official is meant to represent all the constituents he has rather than one party affiliation and so you can understand why Octopizzo took exception with Jaguar over the issue. He took to social media to find out why Jaguar has remained silent over the matter even though he has fans of his music across the ethnic divide aswell as constituents from the Luo community. this is how everything unfolded: