Marriage is the goal for many young girls. Not the marriage part but the getting married part. The wedding is what they see when they envision a marriage and not what happens thereafter, the struggles and the hardship.

But it seems that Kenyan women are struggling with obesity. And the cause will surprise you. Yes, marriage is one of the causes among a few others.

Marriage proposal
Marriage proposal. photo credit: faking life

A US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report published on Thursday and covering 15,317 women has shown that one in three women is either overweight or obese. Overweight and obesity were found to be more prevalent in married women or those living with a partner.

While more than a third of women in a marriage or union were obese, only 18 percent of never-married had a weight problem. While in the past birth control drugs have been linked to weight gain in women, this is the first time such claims are published.

Women who use a hormonal contraception either as a pill, intrauterine device, injection, or implant, the report says, are more likely to be overweight or obese than those not using any other method. The study said:

“Additionally, when an already obese woman started using these contraceptives she gained more weight than her non-obese counterparts when they similarly initiated contraception.”

Forty-one percent of women using hormonal contraceptives were obese compared to 39 percent of those using other methods and 25 percent using no birth control drug.

The research, using data from the current Kenya Demographic and Health Survey, found slightly higher levels of obesity among women who consume sweet alcoholic beverages compared to their counterparts who do not.

Woman drinking

By region, the highest number of overweight and obese women is in Nairobi at almost 48 percent, followed by Central at 47 percent, and Coast at 32 percent.”

Urban women and those living in affluent residential areas were more obese than females living anywhere else in Kenya.

My very accurate conclusion from this data:

  1. Women, stop getting married
  2. Women stop drinking sweet alcoholic drinks
  3. Women leave go and leave in the countryside, there you will be skinny.

This data should resonate with many women as one of their role models Anerlisa Muigai was also obese and has now shed off a lot of the weight.

Anerlisa Muigai
Before and after of Anerlisa Muigai

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