Sensation Tanzanian singer Ali Kiba is under pressure from his family to marry. According to the Aje hit maker’s mother, her son is ripe for marriage and it’s time for him to settle down.

Utaoa lini?

Ali Kiba who has sired four children with different women seems not to be in a hurry but his family is worried that he might end up alone and lonely for life.

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In a recent interview with Global Publishers, Ali Kiba’s mother revealed that he wanted her son to settle down.

“Ali Kiba’s time to get married is now. I think he has done everything in his youth. There is no new exploration left. Furthermore. he has four children with four different women. I think it will be wise to look for a woman who will take care of the children. I wish he thinks about it and makes a prompt decision.

I understand very well it is not up to me to make that choice for him. But I am cognizant of the need for him to settle down as soon possible; and I, as a parent. have to stamp my authority on that. His time of getting married has reached,” she said.

The Tanzanian superstar has been linked to quite a number of women among them model cum businesswoman Jokate Mwegelo who seems to be his family’s favourite.

Jokate Mwegelo

When contacted for a comment, Ali Kiba’s sister Zabibu revealed that the sexy model was the only woman she wanted to be with her brother because they’re a perfect match.

Ali Kiba

“Jokate is a wise woman. My brother is yet to marry. and I would urge him to tie the knot with the 2006 Miss Tanzania first runner up. Jokate has everything it takes to be Ali Kiba’s wife. She deserves him.” said told Global Publishers.

Do you think Ali Kiba will succumb to his family’s pressure to settle down?