The 23-year-old Bachelor of Education student made history by becoming the youngest ever MP to be elected to parliament.

Born and raised poor, the independent candidate who is an orphan, used to campaign on foot, and sometimes used bodaboda’s. He went on a door to door campaign and reminded voters not to forget him.

He had not printed even a single poster nor given a penny in hand-outs, so he did not even need much money to fuel his campaign.

Unlike many candidates who refuse to help the community until they are voted in, Mwirigi would not decline attending fund-raising, he would attend and then boldly tell organizers he had no cash to give.

John Paul has now transformed into a ‘real’ honourable MP and yesterday, he was dressed by Uhuru Kenyatta’s designer Carol Pulei. Photos of the youngest Kenyan MP rocking suits for the first time in his life have surfaced and he looks good.

The MP has been on several occasions seen with the president sharing a word or two. Today another surprise has happened to him after President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy gave him a gift worth between 8-10 million shillings.

During his first time meeting in Parliament he traveled by Matatu from his home to T-room, Nairobi.

Today the president has surprised the youngest MP with a Prado.

The president wrote on his Facebook page;

“Delivered a car promise to young Igembe South MP John Paul Mwirigi at State Lodge, Sagana”

see the photos;