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Martha was a CU official in high school. Occasionally, they’d have guest pastors. That is how she met Pastor Shivashi. A young pastor in his mid-twenties, who was starting his ministry, the Fountain of Bread Ministry.

Its hallmark was working with the youth. Something was peculiar about it, though. It had very few men, a consequence of Shivashi’s scathing attacks on them.

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Upon completing high school, she had a gap year, which she chose to spend supporting the Fountain of Bread Ministry.

One time, they went for a two-day crusade in Eldoret. On the morning of their first day there, she decided to pass by Shivashi’s room so that they head over for breakfast together. A skimpily dressed lady popped up.

“Pasi will be joining you shortly. You can proceed for breakfast,” she said, closing the door behind her as she left.

“Maybe he was praying for her,” Martha convinced herself. It’s the red flags you ignore that will be costly.

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Weeks later, he’d invite her to his house for Bible Study. As she got there, she found people leaving.

“Hey Martha, you came late.” “But you said it begins at 5pm?” she responded. “Sorry, I meant 3,” he replied, convincing her to stay over for a devotion. His nephew was also present. By the time it was over, it was nightfall. So, he convinced her to stay the night. Which she didn’t hesitate to accept. His three-bedroomed house was large enough.

He offered to make her some juice. Without informing him, she decided to join him in the kitchen. Only for her to walk in on him lacing the drink.

His shock was inexplicable. Beware of pastors who prey on their flock rather than pray for them.

-The Star/ Neil Samuel