Nyashinki’s manager Fakii Liwali has spoken out about the super secret traditional ceremony between the rapper and his soon-to-be wifey.

Nyashinski and Zia bett have been dating for the longest time until Mpasho blew the lid on the well kept secret that was their private relatìonship.

Harusi tunayo! Meet Nyashinski’s Nandi bride, Zia

Now, Nyashinki has made it official and gone to ask for Zia’s hand in marriage.

His manager, Fakii told Mpasho, “It was basically a dowry negotiation and a meeting of the parents.”

Asked when the white wedding is set to be, Fakii responded saying,

“Even they themselves haven’t agreed on a date or they haven’t told anyone. We just know it is soon.”


“The ruracio was in Nandi at the girls parents rural home.”

Listen to Fakii telling us about the secret wedding.

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