Nyashinski has thrilled audiences with his lyrical prowess, as well as his musical talents. He is one of the best musicians Kenya has produced in the last couple of years.

Nyashinski. photo credit: instagram/ realshinski

But that clearly isn’t the only thing that the musician has excellent skills in. The man is also a consummate Casanova, seducing other men’s women like a pro. And by the way, Emmy Kosgei had spoken about players recently and you can check that out by clicking this link written in blue.

viral viral videos
casanova meme. photo credit: viral viral videos

Many people will say that the man has an arrogant streak, treating fans, fellow artistes and organizers alike with both contempt and abrasiveness.

Nyashinski. photo credit: instagram/ realshinski

Could this be the one more incident of a man who is so proud because of his other-worldly talents, i.e him being a dual-threat musician who is able to both sing and rap on his songs flawlessly, like our very own Kenyan Drake? Or is that taking the praise too far?

Exaggeration meme
Exaggeration meme. photo credit: MMAjunkie

According to reports reaching us from asource who wishes to remain anonymous, the Mungu Pekee singer was beaten furiously after a man found him stealing forbidden fruits from his woman. The enraged lover beat Nyanshinski so bad that the NOW YOU KNOW singer KNEW that he had been thrashed.

Beaten meme
Beaten meme. photo credit: www.troll.me

This incident takes us back to the time when Prezzo was also tandikwad by Michelle Yola, which resulted in him being rushed to Nairobi hospital.

Nyashinski. photo credit: instagram/ realshinski

In this instance, we still don’t have any clue if Nyashinski had to go for some patchwork in hospital, or the wounds healed all on their own like he was in a Rambo movie.

hurt meme
hurt meme. photo credit: memegenerator

When we called Nyashinski for a comment, the phonecall went unanswered.

Nyashinski screenshot
Nyashinski screenshot. photo credit: file
Nyashinski screenshot
Nyashinski screenshot. photo credit: file

His manager though, Fakii Liwali, responded by saying that he wouldn’t comment but alluded to knowing what we were calling about. He said:

No comment! No comment! No comment!

When asked if he wanted to know what Nyashinki had done, he replied:

I know what you guys are calling about. You guys are always, ehh…No comment

When we called Robert Alai for comment as he is the Nyayo Estate Residents Association chairman, he responded that he did not have a clue what we were talking about.

robert alai
robert alai. photo credit: file

There you have it, people. All from the bold and true gossip source, Mpasho.

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