We’ve already have had enough of these two! Bahati and Willy Paul’s sideshows are enough to fill a newspaper. There’s no way you can mention these two names in one sentence without anything controversial popping up. Accusations and counter-accusations are their middle names, quite literally. They are revered as Kenya’s gospel music ‘kid boys’ but they have never been a friendly duo. At all!

Bahati Finally Tells All About His Beef With Willy Paul

Last year, Bahati was all over accusing Willy of “stealing” his songs. Willy denied the claims, rubbishing them as malicious gossip aimed at tarnishing his name and to derail his music career. We didn’t quite get to the end of that specific debacle. Many industry stakeholders have for the longest time tried to broker some truce between this decorated duo, but to no avail.

A rumour has been milling around that the two have finally reconciled and are about to release a collabo track. Or is it? This is a matter of wait and see. They have kept on insisting that there has never been bad blood between them, but their posts on social media over the past months have been indicating otherwise.

Willy Paul’s Message To Bahati Might Leave You In Tears

However, there seems like the tide has begun to turn.