Awiti actress

Real Househelps of Kawangware actress Winnie Rubi aka Awiti is a no nonsense woman and doesn’t entertain trolls.

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The mother of one shared a photo wearing a red dress looking gorgeous but body shammers trolled her.


One of her followers identified as Sharon wrote,

Unakaa vibaya gai!!!!🥱🥱😂😂😂

Awiti clapped back and her response read,

🤣I know I look better than you.

Another follower identified as Quarser also body-shamed the actress and her comment read,

Stretch marks kwa mkono.

Awiti’s response (below) forced the troll to delete the comment.

Proves I gave life…Manze ka unangoja nikonde hii unless Yesu arudi.

The actress went ham on the troll, shared a photo of her accompanied by the post below

This world is so funny. If this is someone who has the guts to call me ugly then sina langu. @sharon weh! Atleast ata ungekuwa unakaa azziad ningekubali.

Check out the screenshot

Awiti trolls

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Many always expect public figures to be perfect and not engage trolls but to Awiti that doesn’t make sense. She said she will not be a victim of cyberbullying.

Why do people always expect public figures not to be rude or respond to rude comments?? Are there hearts made of stones?? Are they not human too?? Sometimes if u see something u don’t like why not just scroll unto the next post or just unfollow… I refuse to be a victim of cyber bullying. I will delete that post now but I don’t care if it made u famous or not but the tongue is very strong inaweza Ata fanya mtu ajiue manze… Me if u call me ugly, fat, stupid it won’t affect me cz I believe m not all tht but imagine kale ka dem hakajazoea matusi??? Cz if u call me fat if I decide to loose weight u won’t be sending me healthy food daily, if u call me ugly cz am dark and decide to bleach u won’t be paying for it. So be very careful with wat u tell people on IG cz mimi hapaan tambua, ntakupea tu dose hapo na hapo. I am only humble to people who are humble to me and rude to rude people as well,’ she wrote.

Body shaming has been the latest trend on social media with celebrities being the most targeted.

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