Cyprian Nyakundi

Njambi Koikai is in the sights of one Cyprian Nyakundi. And that is a place even the telephony giant Safaricom found daunting.

Cyprian Nyakundi
Cyprian Nyakundi. photo credit: instagram/c_nyakundih

The beef started this past week when Njambi attacked Andrew Kibe for his controversial remarks regarding women. The video is below:

The comments sparked an outcry from many feminists including Janet Mbugua. And it does not seem to be ending there with Cyprian chiming in.

Janet Mbugua
Heavily pregnant Janet Mbugua shows off her bulging baby bump

The man in a post on his site called,”Jahmby Koikai Deactivates Instagram Page After Nyakundi Asks Followers To Stop Donating Towards Her Medical Fund.”

Njambi Koikai

The man went hard on Njambi and The Nyongo sisters attacking them for what he thinks is their apparent hypocrisy and two-facedness.

He wrote:

As Cyprian Nyakundi, I have asked men to stop contributing towards Jahmby Koikai’s medical-fund. Her duplicity and double-standards are nauseating. She can wish for the male dollar when it’s convenient for her, then trash the same gender because of her feminist conditioning. We will now be contributing towards income-generating activities and not investing in vanity like some obscure medical-funds, fronted by people undermining our gender.

He added:

Freedom of expression is a constitutional right, and not an entitlement to be exercised at the discretion of feminists. Nobody was born with the sole purpose of generating commentary that is pleasing to rabid feminists like Jahmby Koikai, Anyiko PR and Zawadi Nyongo.

Jahmby responded in an Instagram post:

Sexism and misogny should not be allowed. We have to stand for the truth in our society and call out the wrong elements.
I’ve been unwell for the past few days and to see a man abusing us and objectifying us was petrifying. It’s painful to see the level of abuse. He spoke of periods and a sex position because we are objects. He called us dogs and how independent women are unattractive. 

Njambi Koikai

Her post also alluded to Cyprian saying:

I’ve just seen someone asking people or rather men not to donate to my medical fund. That’s ok. We can’t support abuse and degradation of women. This is hurting women.This hurt me.Considering the amount of pain I’ve been in and other women suffering in silence. You can call me all sorts of names but that doesn’t change who i am. The ones who truly know me, know me. My instagram page is as active as an energizer battery. You can troll us. Spread the rumors. Make fun of my condition and my fundraising process. It’s not an issue but we are not going to tolerate anymore abuse and insults.

How will this episode end?

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