Just before you start saying amesota, it’s called wash and wear. It is evident that earthly music is making money for Willy Paul also known as Willy Pozze but does not want to invest his money in clothing. Let’s also not call it being stingy!

Fans have used their piercing eyes and noticed that Pozze is always rocking the same green, tight pants. The Tiga Wana hitmaker seemed to have started rocking the pants immediately he got money from his controversial Tiga Wana song because by the look of things, he has rocked it for long. But let me ask? Anaifuanga kweli?

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Here is a compilation of the many times pozze was seen rocking his green pants;

Do we call this his Sunday best or his everyday best? Let’s just say green is his favourite colour and he has no other green pants to rock.

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Here is what fans had to say;
“yabbah_the_don: wardrobe mulfunction.!!!narudia tena ….hiyo trao umeivaa sana bana..whats wrong wit u braaaaah.?

_boss_lady_254: Iko supuuu…lkni c wapenda hio trao hadi nimechoka nayo????????

mercy simons: Tumechoka na hiyo trouser.

bellah_chelah: Umerudia io trouser sana

tk_vinvin: Na haka katoja willy si utakapararisha tafta ya pink ata woiye

sheen mulla:It’s cool with swag but getting common in Street..

 carol mutuku: Fashion failure. ..camo on camo! Plus the head gear nope..
kenyan_gawdess: You look like Mombasa Beach Boys ????????
tha bokinglifa: U call it designer, I call it discasting……

kenyan cherie: That outfit….nah! Really not working. Sorry.”