You will get the last part of what I posted in the headline in afew minutes. Anyway, as the story goes,

a nominated MCA from Vihiga county has reportedly gone into hiding after she accidentally posted her nude photo on a WhatsApp group on Friday.

Rhoda Omufumu, who was nominated on the now dissolved United Democratic Front, is said to have posted a nude photo of herself with an unidentified man.

The photo was posted on the Vihiga County Development group at 9.12 pm on Friday.

Omufumu is currently communicating through a source who also works at the Vihiga County Assembly.

The source told the Star, Omufumu does not know how to use digital gadgets. He also said she is a church leader.

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I have literally lifted these words from this article:

Another Bro Ochola Moment! MCA Posts Nude Photo In Vihiga County WhatsApp Group. She Goes Into Hiding

All I shall do is share the photo which I actually came across 5 minutes ago.

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