NTV Swahili news anchor Jane Ngoiri has finally decided to share a photo of her newborn son.

The bubbly screen siren welcomed a bouncing baby boy at Nairobi Hospital on Saturday, July 9, but unlike other celebrities she decided not to show the baby’s face.

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Ngoiri had been documenting her pregnancy on social media and was still appearing on TV until she started her maternity leave. She reduced her social media presence after putting to bed and understandably so.

A few days ago, the eloquent news reporter made a ‘grand comeback’ when she posted a photo showing what her son looks like on Instagram. Although it ain’t much, it’s better than nothing at all.

Check it out below.


She also posted another photo showing what she look like after giving birth. Not bad aye?



The TV presenter got married to one lad by the name Abdillahi Hussein in 2015. The couple had a simple traditional wedding ceremony but Ngoiri revealed that would hold a more elegant ceremony in the near future.

Before she joined the Kimathi Street based media house, Ngoiri reported news in English at K24. She found herself reading Swahili news after being asked to stand in for a colleague who had fallen sick.

Since then, the newscaster has been anchoring Swahili news but she can still read news in English when called upon to do so.

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