Controversial singer Akothee has decided to articulate issues affecting common mwanaichi. We live in a world where shida na maprolems is the norm. Madam boss is saying, that has to stop.

Meet Akothee’s Parents! Kumbe Ni Ma Big Wigs Kwa Gava!

Akothee Kenya


She really poured her heart out because of the state of the economy facing the country;

”bei ya unga imepanda na hata pia haiko unaambiwa mfuko mbili kwa familia mmoja , bei ya sukari ndio hiyo, leo, sitima kwa mwezi bei ya shamba, school fees pia nimepokea barua ya kwamba wataongezea asili mia.”

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In a funny video posted by King Kaka, Akothee says she wants to be the next President and soon she might come to ask for your votes. Currently there has been a supremacy battle on who is the Rap King between Khaligraph, Nyashinski and King Kaka.

Kaka-Vs-Khali edit 1


However, Akothee defended King Kaka and affirmed that he is better than other rappers.

”You want beef and you can’t even afford chicken.Why Don’t you just do your thing .”

Watch the video where Akothee mentions her political aspirations;

The Next President says …. @akotheekenya @drofweneke

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Would you vote for Akothee???